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Why Staffing Professionals Partner With AnswerSmart

Do your clients ever need a part-time bookkeeper but your candidates all want full-time work. Instead of forcing a placement or killing yourself on a search, let us solve your client’s problem and pay you a fee in the process.   By referring AnswerSmart to those clients, you can turn those unfruitful relationships into revenue-producing relationships.

AnswerSmart works closely with Staffing Professionals to fulfill their clients specific needs. Our Staffing Referral Program can save you time and money while earning your firm substantial commissions. Call us to find out more today at 877-883-8324, Ext. 703.

Why CPAs Partner With AnswerSmart

AnswerSmart does No Tax Work whatsoever.  AnswerSmart is not a CPA firm nor is it a registered tax agent firm. Rather, we work closely with the client's CPA and/or tax accountant to provide them clean and up-to-date books at all times -so the whole financial team can work more efficiently.  We perform financial record keeping only.

AnswerSmart does not outsource or "sub-out" its client's work. All work is handled directly by in-house employees. If you are with an accounting or CPA firm and would like to partner with AnswerSmart to provide bookkeeping services to your clients, please contact us at  We value our Tax Accountant and CPA partners very highly.

If you would like to find out about career opportunities at AnswerSmart please visit our online Career Center.



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